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Welcome to Our Lead-Providing Firm.
We are Enri and Steve the Founders. We have struggled throughout the years to find good traffic for Our Marketing Opportunities. We had hard times creating a great email list full of active and responsive people. We were struggling so much because we weren't RECEIVING the right traffic. So We decided to TAKE ACTION and start producing leads and traffic ourselves, so we created our own TOPMethod. This brought us to a new world. A world in which we ARE holding in our hands the FORMULA to create perfect traffic, the potential to give a priceless service to our fellow marketers. That is when TOPLife was born.


We have built our company around the word TOP, that is because we want to be straight forward on our GOAL. We will deliver a service you will not forget. Throughout the years of experience in Internet Marketing we were able to define what good Inbound traffic is about and how there are few Providers who are actually able provide it.

We developed a method that keeps our Followers active by having a High Followers Turn over rate. We keep among our followers only the active and interactive subscribers.

Quality over Quantity

Client Satisfaction


Average Conversion Rate


Positive Reviews



Our words might not be realiable to you for the moment. So we like to make our client and our results speak for us!


73% Conersion Rate


79,2% Conversion Rate


94 Opt-ins in 100 clicks ordered


Highest Delivery Score Ever


75,93% Conversion Rate


67,3% Conv Rate + SALES!


Above Average Conv + SALES!



100 click

42% OptIn - 1 sale

100 clicks

54% OptIn - 49$ SALE!

300 clicks

57% OptIn - 147$ in SALES!

200 clicks

57% OptIn - 1 SALE!

200 clicks

100 OptIns - 8 SALE!

150 clicks

59,8% OptIn - 2 SALES!

200 clicks

100 OptIns - 1 SALE!

600 clicks

56,7% OptIn

600 clicks

50,6% OptIn

300 clicks

50,2% OptIn!

300 clicks

64% OptIn - SALES!

100 clicks

54% OptIn - 1 SALE!

TOPVideo Testimonial

Hear what our clients have to say about our Service!

Kevin: 1st: 100 clicks 2 sale. 2nd: 100 clicks 60% Mobile Opt In Rate

Alberto150 clicks for " Digital Altitude" -> 2 SALE 59,8% Opt in rate!

Marvin: TOPLife Review!

Justin: 7 figure-Marketer's Review!

Jason 500 clicks for "Duplicate Dave" --> 4 FE SALES - 527 clicks - 43% opt-in

KellyAnn BEST Testimonial

OUR Products work best with:

All the following offers and many more!


Here you will find our available packages


  • 100 clicks
  • 100% Tier 1
  • 50 Opt-Ins Guaranteed*
  • $ 76,00
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  • 200 Clicks
  • 100% Tier 1
  • 100 Opt-Ins Guaranteed*
  • $ 146,00
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  • 500 Clicks
  • 100% Tier 1
  • 250 Opt-Ins Guaranteed*
  • $ 350,00
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* the amount of opt-ins shown in the description are guaranteed by using our tested landing pages

TOPMarketing Tools

Struggling with the system? Check these out!


  • 500 clicks
  • 80% Tier 1
  • Perfect for List Building and Funnel Analysis
  • $ 275,00
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7 follow up emails

TOPFollow Up
  • Increase your Open Rate
  • Uniquely written for your Offer!
  • $ 74,90
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14 Broadcast's Emails

  • Amazing CTR with responsive lists
  • Aimed to engage with any offer!
  • 5%+ Open Rate on 1k+ Lists!
  • $ 74,90
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TOPDiscounted Packages

Looking to invest in order to improve your system? We got you covered!

20% Discount!

TOPWeek Pack

  • 500 clicks 100% T1
  • Delivered in 7 days!
  • 7 Follow up Emails
  • 14 Broadcast's Emails
  • $ 399,90
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BULK Discount

Super Rotator Order
  • 5000 clicks 100% T1
  • <0,60$ per click
  • Tracking and Funnel Setup
  • Unique Follow Up and Broadcast
  • $ 2949,90
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  • Terms & Conditions
  • MLM/IM/MMO Offers ONLY. I reserve the right to refuse and refund your order if I feel your offer is not well suited for my list. Clicks will typically be delivered within 48 – 72 hours of agreed start time. Larger solos will be deliver within agreed period. Your offer should be a free offer, although you are welcome to have an OTO page. If you want to send straight to a paid offer, please contact me before ordering and we can discuss. There will be no refunds on delivered traffic, the only refunds are if the order takes longer than is stated on this page. Payment is for unique clicks. The seller bears no responsibility for the number of conversions, subscribers or sales you make. I can assist you with how your capture page looks to maximize results.
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    We are finnaly ready and proud to present you with our TOPTeam

    Enrico "Enri" Lugnan

    Co-Founder & Technical Activities;

    24 years old

    Born in Italy, studied in the U.S.

    Love Economics and IT


    The Lead-Providing Company.

    Stefano "Steve" Pierro

    Co-Founder & Customers Relations

    39 years old

    Born in Italy, moved to the Canary Islands

    Loves Marketing and Customers Interaction

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